Dave D'Arcangelo candidate for Massachusetts Secretary of State

   Dave D'Arcangelo has positive plans to modernize the Secretary of State’s office and expand its role in bringing transparency to state and local government.  We can increase voter participation through new technologies such as electronic voting and registration and we can increase the accountability of government by applying the law to make records and public documents more easily accessible to the public and the press.

   The Massachusetts Secretary of State's office has been under the same management for 20 years—it’s time for some change and modernization. I also believe that it’s time for someone with a disability serve in a leadership position in state government.  People with disabilities contribute to the well-being of our state on a daily basis, and I hope that someone who is legally blind running for statewide office will give more attention to the contributions that people with disabilities make.

David D'Arcangelo

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Bill Galvin is stonewalling Dave and is asking Dave to pay $5,300 for access to Public Records.

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